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From Saturday 4th July, the DEFRA guidance on using boats and other recreational craft has been withdrawn meaning that there are no formal restrictions in place on the operation of marine businesses. Businesses are required to undertake a risk assessment and to take suitable precautions to protect their customers from Covid 19. Members of the public are asked to note that there are still restrictions on mixing with different households in force after 4th July which will apply on vessels and are asked to ensure that they check the current Government advice and to comply fully with these restrictions.

Falmouth Harbour is a Trust Port with statutory duties and powers. Our purpose is to maintain an organisation of quality and excellence to safely manage Falmouth Harbour in order to facilitate sustainable prosperity for the Port to the benefit of the users of the Harbour and the wider community.

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Notices to mariners

Port Notice No 20 of 2020- Falmouth Week Sailing
Notice Port Notice 20 of 2020 | Issued 7 August 2020
Port Notice No 19 of 2020 – Formal guidance and restrictions on use of boats and recreational craft withdrawn
Notice 19/20 | Issued 2 July 2020
Port Notice No 18 of 2020 – Recreational vessels arriving from abroad – amended
Notice 18/20 | Issued 17 June 2020
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Harbour Directions

Harbour Direction 02 of 2019
Notice 02/19 | Issued 24 February 2020
A&P Harbour Direction 01/2019 – Harbour Speed Limit
Notice 01/19 | Issued 20 December 2019
Harbour Direction 02 of 2019 – Harbour Speed Limit
Notice 02/19 | Issued 20 December 2019
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Shipping movements

Sea, United Kingdom
Sea, United Kingdom
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Cruise Ship Calls

Sun 19th Apr MS Rotterdam Anchor

Weds 22nd Apr Viking Sky County Wharf

Sun 26th Apr Viking Jupiter County Wharf

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Leisure Boating

For information on Falmouth Haven services please visit their website by clicking on the adjacent image.

Pilot Services

For information on Falmouth Pilot Services please visit the FPS website by clicking on the adjacent image.

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