About Falmouth Harbour

About Falmouth Harbour

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners are a statutory port authority with responsibility for the Inner Harbour at Falmouth Harbour (excluding Falmouth Docks), the Penryn River up as far as Coastlines Wharf, the southern part of the Carrick Roads and a large part of Falmouth Bay.

Falmouth Harbour is a Trust Port

Falmouth Harbour was created by an Act of Parliament over 150 years ago. The Falmouth Harbour Order 1870 created the body corporate of Falmouth Harbour Commissioners to run and manage the Harbour. For 150 years Falmouth Harbour has been operating as a Trust Port. Our purpose is to shape and maintain the Harbour for the benefit of all stakeholders. Any surplus we make is reinvested into the Harbour to benefit everyone, creating jobs and opportunities.


Learn more about Trust Ports in the British Ports Association guide:
What are trust ports? BPA briefing paper, Jan 2021 (britishports.org.uk)


Today Falmouth Harbour continues to be managed by a Board of seven commissioners and a CEO. It operates and trades under the name “Falmouth Harbour” and has two trading subsidiaries: Falmouth Haven and Falmouth Pilot Services.

Falmouth Harbour have an Integrated Management System. Please click here for our Policy.

Trust Port

What is a Trust Port?

As a trust port, Falmouth Harbour Commissioners have no shareholders or owners. A Board of Commissioners is appointed to oversee the running of the harbour in accordance with a set of duties and powers.

Governance and the Harbour Board

The Department for Transport has issued guidance for the governance of Trust Ports which is updated from time to time.

Meet the Team

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners undertake the statutory and regulatory management of the Harbour.



Falmouth is famous for its harbour. Together with the Carrick Roads, it is the third deepest natural harbour in the world, and is the deepest in Western Europe.



Frequently Asked Questions and answers from Falmouth Harbour. Questions include What is a Trust Port? and How are the Commissioners selected?


See publications, minutes and reports relating to the commissioners’ activities.

About Falmouth Harbour


Falmouth Harbour Commissioners can offer a rewarding and varied career. Good sea legs are not required for all our roles.

FH Vessels

Where bye-laws, directions or other regulations related to marine safety apply, Falmouth Harbour has a policy to enforce these so as to encourage those responsible for the navigation of vessels to do so safely and responsibly. FHC commission operates various vessels to undertake this task and we are currently developing a page to showcase this fleet.

Falmouth Harbour Vessels