Shipping at Falmouth

Governance & the Harbour Board

As a Trust Port Falmouth Harbour must hold itself accountable to its stakeholders and operate openly and transparently.

Good Governance Guide

Ports Good Governance Guidance

The Department for Transport has issued guidance for the governance of Trust Ports which is updated from time to time. See a copy of the latest guidance below.

Falmouth Harbour Annual Report and Accounts

Falmouth Harbour issues an annual report providing details of its accounts and operations as well as details of commissioners and staff and a review of its business.  You can also see accounts for the last ten years here.

Falmouth Harbour  Minutes of Meetings

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners (FHC) also publish the minutes of their Board Meetings and Consultative Committee Meetings. These can be found on our Publications page.

About Commissioners

Commissioners serve for a 3 year term and may serve up to 3 terms in exceptional circumstances. A declaration of their interests and remuneration is published in the Annual Report.

Commissioners are recruited from the local community using an open recruitment process in accordance with the Port Marine Safety Code & Modernising Trust Ports Guidance.

Want to become a harbour commissioner?

If you are interested in becoming a harbour commissioner or want to know more about the recruitment process please complete an expression of interest form (01-001-01).

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners Board

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners has eight board members seven of which are Commissioners and one the Chief Executive / Harbour Master.

FHC is a statutory body with its constitution laid down in its acts and orders. Its latest constitution is set down in the Falmouth Harbour Revision (Constitution) Order 2004.

The constitution requires a board of eight (seven Commissioners and the Chief Executive). Click View Board Members below to see details of the current Commissioners.

Selection Process

Board members are selected on merit after an open recruitment process in accordance with the Port Marine Safety Code & Modernising Trust Ports Guidance and are appointed for a term of three years. They may be appointed by the Board for a second term and in exceptional circumstances serve a third term after participation in the recruitment process. If you are interested in becoming a harbour commissioner or want to know more about the recruitment process please complete an expression of interest form (01-001-01).

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners are remunerated in order to recognise the commitment required in terms of their time. Commissioner attendance at meetings and their remuneration is reported in the Annual Reports.