Meet the Committees

Consultative Committee
The Consultative Committee is independent from the Harbour Board, sets its own constitution and elects its own chairman. We have a number of documents in our library that explain how it is set up and operates. We also publish the minutes of its meetings. If you are interested in joining the Committee which acts as a “critical friend” to the Harbour Board, there is an expression of interest form that you can complete on line (see link below).

Consultative Committee Member vacancy

Applications are invited to fill a vacancy on Falmouth Harbour Commissioners’ Consultative Committee, which is a forum of harbour stakeholders who meet quarterly to consider issues relating to the management of Falmouth Harbour and provide advice to the Harbour Board.

Please click below for full details and an application form.

Consultative committee member advert

Consultative committee application form


Consultative Committee Library Documents

Harbour Revision Order 2004

Consultative Committee Constitution

Minutes of meetings

Current members list

Expression of interest form

Port User Group

The setting up of a port user group is part of the Code of Practice for harbour authorities taking powers of general direction under the Marine Navigation Act 2013. There are a number of documents in our library that explain its purpose and how it operates. If you are interested in joining this group which fulfils an important role in ensuring marine safety, there is also an expression of interest form that you can complete on line (see link below).

Port User Group Library Documents

Power to make Harbour Directions

Code of Practice for Harbour Directions (30-E030-01)

Guidance from Department of Transport for making Harbour Directions

Terms of Reference for Port User Group

Published Harbour Directions

Expression of interest form

Fal Estuary Marine Safety Committee

The Marine Safety Committee consists of core members representing the harbour authorities and advisory members who are practitioners of a wide range of water related activities. The main committee meets every 2 months and review activities, incidents and complaints. They can recommend safety improvements to the harbour authorities and approve procedures for operations that affect more than one harbour authority. The advisory members meet annually and are encouraged to identify new risks and to put forward ideas for safety improvements. We welcome applications for advisory members and an application form is included in the list of documents below.

Marine Safety Committee Documents

Fal Estuary Marine Safety Committee Terms of Reference

Expression of interest form

Notes of last meeting with advisory members