We will take account of the needs of the community and balance local, regional and national interests when making decisions relating to the management of the Harbour.

We participate in a network of committees which enable us to get feedback from our stakeholders and to consult about our future plans.

Our Commissioners are drawn from the local community and periodically selected using an open recruitment process. Find out more about applying to become a Harbour Commissioner.

In order to consult with the community, we have set up a Consultative Committee. This committee meets quarterly and provides feedback to the Board on the Organisations plans and operations. The requirement to maintain a Consultative Committee and the framework for its operations are maintained within the Harbours Acts and Orders.

Find out more or express an interest in joining our Consultative Committee.

We aim to consult directly with harbour users when contemplating making Harbour Directions which are enforceable rules for using the harbour. We have set up a Port User Group which has the sole purpose of advising on proposed directions and liaising with any parties objecting to proposed directions.

Find out more or express an interest in joining our Port User Group.

We take the safety of our harbour users very seriously and have together with our neighbouring harbour authorities set up the Fal Estuary Marine Safety Committee which considers matters relating to marine safety throughout the Estuary. The Committee maintains a list of Advisory Members who participate in a wide range of activities and attend an annual meeting where they highlight any safety related concerns for follow up by the Committee.

Find out more or apply to be an advisory member in the Marine Safety Committee.

In order to ensure transparency, the Board publish documents relating to their strategy and plans. They also publish minutes of meetings and produce an annual report. The Commissioners hold a public meeting annually where members of the public may question them on their activities.

See publications, minutes and reports relating to the commissioners’ activities.

As a trust port we have a responsibility to consider providing a stakeholder benefit and as such have developed a Stakeholder Benefit and Donations Policy (00-081-01) accordingly. To facilitate requests, we have created a Request for Assistance form (00-081-01), both of these documents can be found within the Governance section of our library.