Falmouth Harbour Commissioners is a statutory harbour authority.

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners is a statutory harbour authority originally set up by Act of Parliament in 1870. It became a competent harbour authority for the purposes of managing pilotage under the Pilotage Act 1987. The Organisation has evolved over time as its roles and responsibilities increased. In 2014 a strategic re-organisation was put into place creating two business arms operating under their own brands.

Falmouth Haven operates the recreational boating assets of FHC and has its own web site at www.falmouthhaven.co.uk

Falmouth Pilot Services operates the pilot services for the entire pilotage area including for Falmouth Docks and the ports of Truro and Penryn. To find out more please visit www.falmouthpilotservices.co.uk

FHC has entered into a collaborative agreement with Exeter University to operate a wave energy device test facility known as the FabTest Site. For further information, please visit www.fabtest.com

See an organisation plan (00-002-01) of Falmouth Harbour Commissioners.