Staff positions

We are currently recruiting for a Pilot Boat Deckhand. Please click below for the relevant information.

Commissioners and Committees

We are not currently recruiting.

Work Experience

Please note – we are not currently accepting work experience placements due to Coronavirus restrictions 

We do offer work experience placements for secondary school children interested in developing a career in the marine sector within an area relevant to our activities. We have limited resources so to ensure you get the most out of your work experience placement we select candidates based on their areas interest and what we think we can offer in this respect.

In order to learn more about you to ensure that we can offer you a suitable placement we ask for the following from you:

A letter / e mail plus CV applying for the work experience placement. The sort of things we would like to see addressed are as follows:

  • Why you wish to complete your work experience at Falmouth Harbour Commissioners in particular including what you think you would gain from a placement with us;
  • What your current interests and goals are both personally and career wise;
  • What you feel you can bring to Falmouth Harbour Commissioners.

Our contact details are or you can write to us at: Harbour Master, Falmouth Harbour Commissioners, 44 Arwenack Street, Falmouth. TR11 3JQ

The purpose of the above exercise is to understand where your interests lie and ensure that we can offer you a fulfilling work experience placement. We also hope the process of applying for the work placement provides experience of applying for future positions to aid in your future aspirations.

After receiving your CV and letter / e mail we will review them. If we think we can provide you with an appropriate placement we will invite you for a short interview.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you have. We very much look forward to hearing from you.