Car Parking

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners own the historic Quays in the vicinity of the Custom House which are utilised in a variety of ways including leasing as beer gardens and for car parking.

The current charging on the Custom House Quay pay and display for the car park is:

1 hour – £1.20

2 hours – £2.60

3 hours – £4.00

Overnight 6pm – 8am – £2.00

North Quay is used for permit parking and annual vehicle permits can be procured for the use of these spaces subject to availability.

Custom House Quay car park is operated as a pay and display car park.

As with all car parks, there are rules for it’s use and these are promulgated on signage around the car park.  Parking enforcement is undertaken using a camera based system which is contracted out to Creative Parking Ltd.

Creative Parking use number plate recognition technology to monitor the use of the car park. This takes a picture of your number plate when you enter, and when you leave the car park, and matches it with the information you input into the ticket machine and the money that you pay or the information that you provide using the pay by phone system.

If the information does not match for whatever reason a Parking Charge Notice is issued by Civil Enforcement Ltd who are the enforcement arm of Creative Parking and sent to the address the vehicle is registered with through the DVLA.

If you receive a Parking Charge Notice (PCN), please do not ignore it even if you feel that it has been issued incorrectly or inappropriately. Incorrectly issued notices can be challenged using the appeal system described below. Please note that if you elect to appeal a PCN the fine will be frozen at the lower level whilst your appeal is being considered.

The appeals process

If you would like to appeal the parking charge notice you have received you can do this by following these steps:

Complete the appeals form on Civil Enforcements website:

Or write to Civil Enforcement detailing your appeal to the following address:

Postal Address:  Civil Enforcement, Horton House, Exchange Flags, Liverpool. L2 3PF

If you are unsuccessful with your appeal to Civil Enforcement you can refer it to Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA) using their website

Please note that the fine level is not frozen during the POPLA appeal process.


If you are unable to resolve the PCN with Civil Enforcement and believe that the PCN has been issued incorrectly, you can complain to FHC using the procedure described below;

Complaints should be submitted by e-mail to the address below. Please include scans of the PCNs and appeal letters plus the original ticket if you still have it together with a brief explanation of why you are disputing the PCN or feel that you have been unfairly treated by Civil Enforcement.

We undertake to respond to your complaint within 5 working days.

Frequently asked questions

Will I lose the ability to pay the reduced rate if I appeal the parking charge notice?

If you appeal the parking charge notice within 14 days from the date of the parking charge notice with Civil Enforcement, the lower rate will be held until the outcome of the appeal is known. This does not apply to appeals through POPLA.

Why have I received a PCN when I have paid the correct money for the advertised charge?

We have found that the most common reason people receive a parking charge notice (PCN) is due to incorrectly inputting the registration number into the ticket machine. This means that the technology is unable to match your registration number to the ticket you have purchased and therefore assumes that you have not paid for your parking.

You can check this if you still have your ticket as the registration number is printed onto the ticket in the way you have entered it. Minor errors in inputting the number should result in a successful appeal.

If you have not retained your ticket, you can still appeal. Civil Enforcement will be able to check for similar registrations entered around the time that your vehicle was recorded entering the car park.

Why doesn’t the machine tell me that I have incorrectly entered my registration number?

UK registration numbers can vary greatly in structure due to the ability to have personalised number plates etc, it is therefore impossible for the machine to advise you when entering digits relating to your number plate.

If there are cameras in the car park why don’t they know I have paid for the correct parking?

The cameras don’t watch people using the car park. The camera will take a picture of your car registration number as it enters the car park and when it exits the car park. These pictures are then matched to the information inputted in the machine. If a match cannot be found the computer issues a parking charge notice.