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Welcome to the Environmental section of the Falmouth Harbour website, here we would like to communicate with you on the impacts we have identified from our own activities and those of harbour users and discuss what we plan to do to mitigate them.

Did you know that Falmouth and its surrounding areas are of national importance? Both above and below the water there is a rich ecosystem which makes this area so unique, and provides us with a valuable habitat. For more information see our designations section.

Sustainable Harbour Growth

As a trust port Falmouth Harbour (FH) are a self-funded organisation with a remit to use any surplus money to contribute to improving the port and harbour for current and future generations to enjoy.

sustainable growth
Deep water moorings


Falmouth Harbour have collaborated with other authorities to develop guidance for harbour users to promote sustainable use of the harbour. We hope the following advice is useful. If you would like any further information, please get in touch.

Protect our Harbour

Falmouth harbour is home to some important habitats that provide important services without which our lives and the lives of sea creatures would be adversely impacted.

Falmouth Harbour from the air
Moorings at Falmouth

Marine Policy

Use of the marine environment is growing for more and more activities as more people use the sea for recreation, transport and energy production. To ensure this use is managed sustainably and key marine habitats are maintained and improved the Marine and Coastal Access Act received royal ascent in 2009.


Falmouth Harbour Commissioners has entered into a collaborative arrangement with Exeter University supported by companies in the local supply chain to provide a test site for marine energy converters in Falmouth Bay.

FaBTest Area
Moorings from the air

Learning Zone

Falmouth Harbour would like to engage further with local schools, colleges and Universities to the benefit of local community.