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Citizen Science

Citizen Science opportunities

There are many opportunities to get involved with protecting and gathering data about our local marine environment. We have collated many of these opportunities on this page to inform local harbour users on how they can get involved.

The International Seakeepers Society


Falmouth has become the first harbour in the UK to partner with The International SeaKeepers Society (SeaKeepers) in a unique collaboration between yacht-owners, scientists and environmental researchers to focus on the health of the world’s oceans and climate.

Boat owners can register for the DISCOVERY Yacht Fleet which includes craft of all sorts and sizes depending on the type of expedition or research, whether it be mapping the sea-bed or water-monitoring – or providing an “at sea” research platform for university students or scientists.

More information on this opportunity and how to register are available from the SeaKeepers website.

There are many more opportunities locally as well to get involved to help improve and/or monitor our amazing marine environment. We have listed some of these initiatives below. If you are aware of any further initiatives you would like shared please contact Vicki Spooner so these can be added.

Report wildlife sightings and conduct surveys

You can report wildlife sightings to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust on an adhoc basis so if you are out of the water and spot something unusual / rare you can report it through the Cornwall Wildlife Trust website.

On an ongoing basis you can volunteer to conduct surveys both above and under the water as a Seasearch diver / snorkeller, Shoresearch rockpooler or a Seaquest spotter.  These are all great ways to gain knowledge and skills about the marine environment.

See the Cornwall Wildlife Trust website for more information on the above opportunities.

There are also apps available to report sightings of marine life strandings, ghost nets and specific habitats such as seagrass. Links and further information are provided below:


Clean Up

There are some amazing local organisations campaigning and taking action to clean up our seas. Some are listed below, you can get involved with litter picks, raising awareness etc.

Plastic Free Falmouth – Campaigning for a More Sustainable Community| Plastic Free Falmouth

Clean Ocean Sailing – About COS | clean-ocean-sailing (

Fathoms Free Fathoms Free – Marine Conservation and Awareness

Dive Project Cornwall HOME | DiveProjectCornwall

Odyssey Innovation Paddle for Plastic | Odyssey Innovation 2

Surfers Against Sewage Surfers Against Sewage | Environmental charity tackling plastic pollution (

Falmouth Marine Conservation Group

The Falmouth Marine Conservation Group is a local group who meet every month and take action to contribute positively to local marine conservation activities.

Citizen science initiatives include:

  • Control of the invasive pacific oyster
  • A monthly Seaquest on Pendennis Point
  • Regular beach cleans
  • Shore search activities

For more information on the group and information on how to get involved please have a look at their website.