Falmouth Harbour’s prickly solution to thorny problem of marine antifoul



December 26th

The masterminds behind a sea-urchin inspired, eco-friendly anti-fouling solution for boats have teamed up with Falmouth Harbour and Rustler Yachts to bring the technology to Cornwall in an industry first.

Finsulate’s revolutionary “bio-wrap” is being trialled on the hulls of Falmouth fast patrol vessel Killigrew and launch Arwenack – with potential for rolling out this prickly antifoul across the bottoms of the Harbour authority’s entire fleet.

It is the latest initiative in a 150th Anniversary pledge to be ever cleaner and greener which has just made Falmouth Harbour recent “Environmental Growth” winners in the Cornwall Sustainability Awards.

Finsulate was invented to tackle the significant environmental issue caused by bicodes, copper, microplastic and solvents leaching into the oceans from traditional antifouling products. For the full press release click here.

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