This page summarises the environmental information available for Falmouth Harbour and Port, the list has been compiled in collaboration with members of the SAC Management Forum

A list of information relating to the environmental management of the area and research that has been carried out is provided below.

Planned / ongoing research initiatives

  • SPA vessel disturbance study
  • Anchorage study. This study has been commissioned by defra and aims to provide further information on the environmental impacts of anchoring and mooring activities.
  • ShellEye Project. This project is being run by Exeter University and aims to provide tools to shellfish farmers to monitor and forecast water quality.

Fal and Helford Special area of conservation (SAC)

Falmouth Bay to St Austell Bay Special Protection Area (SPA)

Invasive Species





Technical studies

Port Development

Environmental Information Regulations (EIR)

  • If you cannot find what you are looking for and think that FHC hold this information please see our EIR policy (50-000-01) and information on how to request information.