Water Clarity in Falmouth Harbour

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Latest 24hr turbidity data

Turbidity (NTU)

Date / Time

Average daily turbidity rating

Friday 31st

0.40 NTU

Thursday 30th

0.44 NTU

Wednesday 29th

0.29 NTU

Tuesday 28th

1.05 NTU

Monday 27th

0.93 NTU

Sunday 26th

0.81 NTU

Saturday 25th

0.83 NTU

Water Quality

We are pleased to introduce an innovative water quality monitoring device resulting from a collaborative effort between Falmouth Harbour, Exeter University, and Natural England. Through this partnership, a device purchased from WATR has been installed into Falmouth Harbour to measure real-time water quality, with a particular emphasis on turbidity (water clarity).


Seagrass beds within the Fal and Helford Special Area of Conservation (SAC) within which Falmouth Harbour is placed provides a vital marine habitat, offering sanctuary to a diverse range of marine animals and seaweeds.

It also functions as a carbon sink, mitigates erosion from waves and storms, and enhances overall water quality. Seagrass faces susceptibility to the impact of poor water quality, as well as other pressures such as anchoring, non-native species and climate change.

Building Success

Building upon the success of a joint master’s project conducted by University of Exeter and Natural England which explored the relationship between water quality and seagrass beds, the need for expanded and continued monitoring and analysis became evident.

This project has highlighted the critical importance of understanding the intricate interplay between water quality and seagrass habitat.


Understanding how water quality influences seagrass health provides us with information to help develop effective management strategies.

This awareness allows us to contribute proactively to the preservation of seagrass habitats. The collaboration between Natural England, Falmouth Harbour, and the University of Exeter exemplifies the significance of partnerships in the realm of environmental stewardship.

This project is a collaboration between Natural England, University of Exeter, Watr and Falmouth Harbour.