FHC to consult on two new harbour directions

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners are advertising two new Harbour Directions to regulate navigation in their Harbour Area.

The first of these number 0116 sees an extension of the protected bathing area with the limit moving from 100m to 250m below the Mean Low Water Mark. The reason for this is feedback that the previous zone was too small to provide a suitable protected bathing area at low water.

The second direction number 0216 introduces a maximum speed limit into the Carrick Roads of 30 knots. The reason for this is to ensure that vessels do not navigate at excessive speed within a relatively confined and well used waterway.  The proposal has been informed by a report by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch into an accident in the Solent. See MAIB investigation report 2-2016: vector 40R .

Both proposed harbour directions have been discussed with the Port User Group that was set up following the grant of powers to FHC to make general direction in 2015 in accordance with the agreed Code of Practice.

The closing date for consultation responses is 31st August 2016. To respond please e mail hm@falmouthharbour.co.uk.