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July 13th

Statement 2 as at 13th Jul 2023

The vessel MAZARINE has been anchored in Falmouth Bay, approximately 1.5m East of Rosemullion Head for the past 24hours. The underwater ship’s hull dive survey was completed successfully yesterday. Multiple agencies have continued to work incredibly hard on a safe solution for the vessel. All personnel remain safe and well and no pollution has been reported. The tug MERCIA has been in attendance alongside the vessel.

The vessel will now move this morning under tow to a safe berth in A&P Falmouth Docks moving into waters of Falmouth Docks and Engineering Company the Statutory Harbour Authority for the waters around the docks.

(see Shipping Movements – Falmouth Harbour, Cornwall for updates and timings)

The parties involved in the planning of this move include; SOSREP (the Secretary of State’s Representative), the vessel’s owners and their representatives and the ship’s insurers, local operators, A&P Falmouth Docks, the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA), and our insurers.

We may make further statements in due course.

Falmouth Harbour CEO Miles Carden

Statement 1 as at 12th Jul 2023

The vessel “MAZARINE” was involved in an incident close to Wolf Rock lighthouse (off Land’s End Cornwall) on Monday 10th July.

We welcome and applaud the efforts on Monday of the Coastguard, the local response including the personnel from A&P Falmouth on the Tug Mercia, the RNLI and other support vessels to tow the vessel towards safety. Without those efforts the outcome could have been very different.

As a Statutory Harbour Authority it is Falmouth Harbour’s duty and role to act on behalf of all harbour stakeholders, whilst complying with all relevant legislation and manage risks to the harbour area, its users and the environment.

Falmouth Harbour encompasses and borders a number of very sensitive and valuable marine habitats. These environmental designations include; a Special Area of Conservation, two Marine Conservation Zones and a Special Protection Area.

We are working hard with multiple agencies to find a solution for the vessel. The parties involved include; SOSREP (the Secretary of State’s Representative) and the ship’s insurance company, local operators, the vessel owners and their representatives, the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA), and our insurers.

At 12:15 am this morning the vessel was granted permission under a Direction from the Secretary of State’s Representative to enter Falmouth Harbour Port Limits. The vessel entered the Harbour limits at 07:45am today under tow and local pilot and is now at anchor in Falmouth Bay. A hull survey will be completed today and we will then work with the agencies and ship’s owners and representatives to determine next steps.

It is critical that the vessel’s condition is ascertained quickly whilst a weather window exists to do so safely and then get the best overall outcome. This is an ongoing and quickly evolving situation and Falmouth Harbour will continue to work with partners to ensure that all risks are minimised and a speedy resolution can be reached.

We will make further statements in due course.

Miles Carden, CEO Falmouth Harbour

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