Harbour Servies

Harbour Services

There are a number of ports within the Fal Estuary which between them offer a wide range of services to the commercial shipping, fishing and leisure sectors.

A wide range of services

As the third deepest natural Harbour in the world, Falmouth’s unique geography and position as the UK’s Atlantic Gateway, makes it a highly valuable port for a range of operators.

Falmouth Bay is the only bunker anchorage in the UK that is outside of the Northern European SECA area.

The area can cater for a truly diverse range of vessels and offers a complete range of services to the shipping industry including:

  • Deep water bunkering.
  • Cruise calls.
  • Ship repair, refit and dry docking facilities via A&P Falmouth.
  • Long and short term lay up.
  • Cargo handling.
  • Casualty reception.
  • Anchorages for vessels seeking shelter.
  • Personnel transfer, stores and other port services.
  • In water surveys.
  • Propellor polishing.
  • Superyacht berthing, repair and refit.
  • Deepwater moorings for vessels up to 185m and 11m draft.

Due to Falmouth’s location and level of vessel traffic, operators can often enjoy a quick and efficient turnaround, reducing vessel downtime and costs.

Alongside berths for ship repair, refit, cruise calls, lay by and cargo handling are available at the shipyard operated by A&P Falmouth Ltd

Berths are available for vessels up to 230m and 8.4m draft.

The shipyard can is equipped with dry dock facilities for vessels up to 250m.

The Harbour area is equipped with a number of Commercial moorings capable of accommodating a range of vessels up to 190m LOA. View details of commercial moorings.

Commercial moorings

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners are a statutory harbour authority with a large harbour area including the Carrick Roads and a large part of Falmouth Bay which is able to offer sheltered anchorages for vessels taking bunkers, awaiting orders, seeking shelter or undertaking stores and crew changes.

Delivery of all grades of marine fuel and a wide range of other services can be arranged for vessels at anchor. There are explosives anchorages with up to 1500t Net Explosive Quantity (NEQ) licences available. Commercial moorings are available within the Carrick Roads and Penryn River capable of accommodating a range of vessels up to 190m LOA.


Ship Repair Facilities

Ship repair facilities are available at the shipyard operated by A&P Falmouth Ltd www.ap-group.co.uk, which offers a complete package of support ranging from in-service repairs and overhauls to specialist repair capabilities such as aluminium welding and in-situ machining.

Commercial Cargo Handling

Commercial cargo handling facilities are available alongside the docks in Falmouth and further upriver at Lighterage Quay in the Port of Truro. Cargoes handled include bulk, bagged, packaged and palletised goods.



Deepwater lay-up moorings for vessels up to 219 metres in length are also available in a sheltered location on the River Fal and are operated by the Port of Truro.