Health & Safety Policy

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners have a duty to manage Health and Safety risks and to maintain a safe environment on their premises for members of the public. We have an Integrated Management System Policy which describes our high level aims.

Our Premises

Our premises are open to the public (subject to our consent and restrictions that may be applied from time to time). Members of the public using our premises are expected to act responsibly and in such a way that they avoid putting themselves or others at risk of harm.

Premises Map

See a map showing Falmouth Harbour Commissioners’ premises (10-100-01).


If you have an accident whilst on our premises, please report it as soon as possible either to a member of staff or by telephoning the Falmouth Haven Office on 01326 310990.

Urgent Action

If you see something on our premises that is unsafe and requires urgent action, please report it immediately to the Falmouth Haven Office. If the Office is un-manned and the situation requires urgent attention, please report it to the duty manager on 07868 242864.

See a copy of the Board’s integrated management policy (01-034-01) which states their commitment to maintaining their premises in a safe condition for public use.