Falmouth Harbour Commissioners comply with the requirements of the Port Marine Safety Code

To comply with the Port Marine Safety Code we must have in place an effective Marine Safety Management System which uses formal risk assessment techniques to identify and mitigate hazards that occur in the Harbour. See a copy of the Port Marine Safety Code (30-E010-01).

The ultimate responsibility for harbour safety lies with the Harbour Board who are the “duty holder” for compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code.

The Board have made a policy commitment to maintaining marine safety as part of an integrated management system. Read the policy statement (01-034-01).

The 3 year plan to deliver marine safety is approved by the Board who will also set annual targets and performance indicators to measure progress towards delivering their objectives. See a copy of the Marine Safety Plan (30-010-01).

The code requires the Board to appoint a Designated Person who has direct access to them and undertakes regular inspections and audits of the safety management system.

The Code requires that the Duty Holder makes a declaration to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency confirming that the Authority is complying with the Port Marine Safety Code. See a copy of the latest declaration  complying with the Port Marine Safety Code (30-R018-01).

Harbour users have a responsibility to act safely and to avoid putting themselves or others at risk of harm. They are encouraged to report unsafe practices so that they can be investigated with the aim of preventing re-occurrence in future. Report an incident or unsafe practice.

To help the local harbour authorities identify changes in harbour uses including new recreational activities or practices, the Estuary Marine Safety Committee holds an annual meeting of advisory members where current trends are discussed. To find out more about the Safety Committee and its advisory members.