Cruise liner in hrbour Vessel entering Falmouth

Shipping & Harbour Operations

Operations Overview

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners are a statutory port authority with responsibility for the Inner Harbour at Falmouth (excluding Falmouth Docks), the Penryn River up as far as Coastlines Wharf, the southern part of the Carrick Roads and a large part of Falmouth Bay.

Safety & Navigation
Large Moorings & Crossroads

Large Vessel Moorings – for vessels up to 180m LOA

Conveniently positioned within the shelter of the inner harbour are Falmouth Harbour’s five Admiralty Class 6 moorings suitable for vessels up to 60m LOA.

The Crossroads Buoy is Falmouth Harbour’s Admiralty Class 1 mooring, located in the deep, sheltered waters of the Carrick Roads and suitable for vessels up to 180m LOA and 10.5m draft.


Shipping at Falmouth

Shipping Movements

For the most up to date shipping movement follow the link below.


Pilotage services inside a line from Black Head to Dodman Point and contracts these services to Falmouth Docks and the Council Ports of Truro and Penryn.

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Safety & Navigation


FHC have developed some harbour maps to show various zones, environmental designations and jurisdictions.

Harbour Notices and Directions

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners issue Port Notices to communicate important information.

Safety & Navigation