Large Moorings & Crossroads

Large Vessel Moorings & Crossroads Buoy

Large Vessel Moorings are available for vessels up to 180m LOA in the Carrick Roads and up to 60m in the Inner Harbour.

The Crossroads Mooring is a Class 1 Admiralty swinging mooring suitable for vessels up to 180m in Length and 10.5m draft. For vessels less than 180m drafts of up to 15m may be accommodated.

The moorings unique position, inside the Carrick Roads, means that it is sheltered from all but the strongest southerly winds. See BA chart 32.

The mooring can be utilised for a range of vessel calls, including shelter from weather, waiting for a berth or port services, short-term lay by, service calls, passage preparation, project mobilisation or in-water survey.


Falmouth Harbour welcome all enquiries and can organise buoy jumping services to enable safe mooring / unmooring operations.

Conveniently positioned within the shelter of the Inner Harbour and within easy reach of the commercial port and town are Falmouth Harbour’s five large vessel moorings. See BA chart 18

The moorings are perfectly suited for small to medium-sized craft up to 64m LOA such as, large yachts, superyachts, sail training ships and charter vessels.

Depending on a vessel’s characteristics, they can be occupied in both ahead and astern configuration with the option for vessels to lie alongside each other, or as swinging moorings.


45m x 4m and 40m x 5m (swinging)

60m x 5m (fore and aft to Packet)


50m x 4.5m (fore and aft to Jubilee)

60m x 5m (fore and aft to Packet)


33m x 4.5m (swinging)

64m x 4.5m (fore and aft to Jubilee)


33m x 4.5m (swinging)

64m x 4.5m (fore and aft to Cutty Sark)

Cutty Sark

25m x 4.5m (swinging)

Large Vessel Mooring Allocation

Falmouth Harbour welcomes all enquires for use of these facilities.

The Large Vessel Mooring Questionnaire must be completed by vessels wishing to occupy the moorings.