Operations Overview

Falmouth Harbour is a statutory port authority with responsibility for the Inner Harbour at Falmouth (excluding Falmouth Docks), the Penryn River up as far as Coastlines Wharf, the southern part of the Carrick Roads and a large part of Falmouth Bay.


Falmouth can provide a wide range of services to commercial shipping including dry docks, bunkers, cargo handling, lay up berths, commercial moorings and underwater services.

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners are the statutory harbour authority for Falmouth Bay and the Carrick Roads.

FHC have powers and duties related to the safe management of navigation and shipping operations in this area.

Permissions and notifications related to ship operations

In line with UK legislation, permission must be given from the Harbour Authority for certain activities to be undertaken. Other activities require notice to be given in advance.

  • Seek approval to undertake hot work in accordance with Dangerous Goods in Harbour Areas Regulations 2016.
  • Seek approval to load, discharge or tranship explosives, by completing form 30-050-01.
  • Seek approval to tranship other dangerous or polluting goods.
  • Seek approval to deliver bunkers within FHC port limits.
  • Give notice of your intention to transfer oil or oil products at night.
  • Seek approval to undertake hull or propeller cleaning.

Statutory Reporting

Under UK Law it is compulsory to report certain incidents and accidents.

Find out how to report a spillage of oil, fire or other emergency.

Report an accident or near miss in accordance with the EU Accident Reporting Regulations.