Competent Harbour Authority

Falmouth Harbour is the Competent Harbour Authority as defined by the Pilotage Act of 1987 for Falmouth Harbour.

Falmouth Harbour and Falmouth Pilot Services

Falmouth Harbour is a Trust Port, created by an Act of Parliament “The Falmouth Harbour Order 1870”, which created the body corporate of Falmouth Harbour Commissioners to run and manage the
Harbour. Falmouth Pilot Services is a trading subsidiary of “Falmouth Harbour”, under the governance of the Falmouth Harbour Commissioners with a mission to provide efficient customer focused pilotage services. It provides pilotage services inside a line from Black Head to Dodman Point and contracts these services to Falmouth Docks and the Cornwall Council Ports of Truro and Penryn.

Falmouth Harbour is managed by Falmouth Harbour Commissioners and a Board of seven commissioners and a CEO.