Charges and
Port Limits

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners charge dues for vessels using or transiting their harbour area.

The Port limits are shown within this map.

Arrival and

Ships arriving at Falmouth or departing from the Port are required by UK Law to supply certain information in advance of their visit. Submit a Prior Notification Form (90-040-01).

Falmouth Pilot

Ships visiting the Port may be subject to compulsory pilotage or may wish to request a pilot for their visit. To ascertain whether you require a pilot or to request a pilot, see Falmouth Pilot Services’ website. View a map of the pilotage zones for Falmouth.

Local Port

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners operate a local port service (20-031-01).

Fuel changeover
within Port Limits

EU regulations require ships entering port limits to change to fuel with less than 0.1% sulphur content within 2 hours of arrival. Find out more about this EU requirement.

Ship Operations
within Port Limits

Certain ship operations require permissions in order to be undertaken within port limits. See details of these and how to apply. In addition we would ask that we are notified of any proposed operation that may be noisy or have an effect on air quality or the marine environment. To voluntarily advise us of these operations please complete the Voluntary Reporting Form (90-012-01).


We ask all visiting ships going to anchor within port limits to print and to keep on their bridge our Emergency Response Card (80-010-01) in order to ensure a correct and rapid response to emergencies.


The Port is used for supplying bunker fuel to vessels at anchor with all grades of marine fuel supplied via barge or alongside in Falmouth Docks.

Bunkering operations are not permitted to be undertaken whilst loading, discharging or transferring dangerous goods.

See contact details of companies with barges authorised to operate in Falmouth Harbour.


Vessels with serious damage or defects which may affect their ability to navigate or operate safely should report their situation to the Coastal State via Falmouth Coastguard prior to making for the Port.

Falmouth Harbour
Use of Moorings

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners maintain a number of commercial moorings in the Harbour which may be hired.

Tugs and Tows

The port has special procedures for managing tugs and tows. For information on restrictions and reporting, please contact us.

Cruise Ship Tender

For a briefing sheet on requirements for cruise ship tenders operating in the Harbour, please contact us.


Planned arrivals, departures and certain ship operations are required to be reported in advance. More information can be found within the procedures section.

For information on other harbour authorities with jurisdiction in the River Fal please see the following links: