Reporting requirements for Falmouth Harbour


Masters of vessels within the Harbour Area who are experiencing an emergency situation should notify the authorities immediately. To download an emergency reporting card (80-010-01) which should be kept on the bridge of all vessels using the harbour area, click here.

Under UK Law it is compulsory to report certain incidents and accidents to the Marine Accident Investigation Branch.

Report an accident or near miss in accordance with the EU Accident Reporting Regulations.

Notice of Carriage of Dangerous Goods

Report the presence on board of dangerous goods in accordance with the Dangerous Substances in Harbour Areas Regulations.

Vessel Traffic Movements Directive Reports

Make a movement report compliant with the Vessel Traffic Monitoring Directive using the Prior notification form (90-040-01).

Security Level Reporting

See information relating to reporting security levels in accordance with the ISPS Code.

Intention to discharge waste

See information relating to reporting Port Waste Declarations.

Notification of Defects

Report defects affecting navigation or operation of the vessel.